Different Cleaning Agents Used For Cleaning Purpose

Cleaning both the commercial premises and homes is necessary for maintaining proper hygiene. If you are looking for thorough cleaning in Manchester, you should avail the services of cleaning professionals. They follow the step by step cleaning process which involves, cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting, and make sure that the place is free from germs. The cleaners around Manchester from www.atticuscleaning.co.uk have access to the best cleaning agents to carry out the task with perfection.

Different types of cleaning agents

  • Acids  –  These types of cleaning solutions are referred to as the most powerful cleaning agents and should be used with proper care. The professionals make sure to dilute these cleaners before using them. The acid cleaners are used for removing the mineral deposits, removing the rust from the restroom, and also for descaling the dishwashers.
  • Detergents  –  They are the most common cleaning agents and are used in commercial kitchens and homes. The detergents usually work by loosening the soil and dirt. In commercial kitchens, the detergents which are used are called synthetic detergents. These are made from petroleum products in the form of crystals, powder, gel, and liquid.
  • Abrasives  –  These are the cleaning solutions that are used for scrubbing the surfaces to clean the dirt that is hard and stuck to it. They are also used for cleaning the pans, pots, and floors in the commercial kitchens. Using those needs a little care as too much scrubbing can cause damage to the surface of the pan.