Use Of Meat Glue In Your Daily Recipes

Meat glue technically known as Transglutaminase is an enzyme generally extracted from the plants and animals. It is used widely in the cooking industry. Meat glue works very similar to traditional glue which helps in sticking two pieces of meat with each other to form a big single piece of meat. Chefs and many cooks use this glue to prepare their recipes and dishes.

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This enzyme is prepared with the help of bacteria. Recently it is discovered that the glue when applied between two chunks of meat causes the muscle fiber and protein to fuse with each other to make it a big chunk of meat. Chefs use meat glue with many types of fish recipes to make their prepared dish look large in size. Fish meat is usually small and cannot be taken in a large volume. So, the chefs use meat glue to fuse multiple layers of fish meat to form a big fish meat chunk.


Meat glue is used all around the world by many chefs. It has many uses which are mentioned below:

  • Meat glue is used to fuse many small pieces of meat to form a big, uniform portion of fish meat, tenderloins that can be cooked easily and evenly reducing the waste of small meat pieces. After cooking, these glued meat pieces look good as if the dish is prepared from a big chunk of meat. You can remove the bones, fat, tendons from meat pieces before fusing them together to form a single big chunk of meat.
  • The glue derived from animals also helps in proper binding of ground meat mixtures such as sausages without casings. The glue is also used in the binding of the non meat products such as pastas or blocks, gelatin and barley for making the barley blocks, peas and carrot to make a block.
  • The glue is also used in making different combinations of meats such as chicken skin with scallops. You can also combine different types of fish meat to create some new flavors and recipes.
  • It is also used in preparation of some creative dishes such as meat noodles, fish checkerboard and many other dishes.
  • The glue is also used with those meat pieces which split while cooking. Meat glue holds the muscles fiber and prevents the meat chunk from splitting while cooking it.
  • Meat glue is also used in thickening of egg yolk and dairy products.

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