Pregnancy Ultrasound -Different Types And Uses

Pregnancy is a period of hope and happiness. During pregnancy, you keep worrying about the health and development of the baby. Ultrasound assures you about the proper growth and general health of your baby. It is a tool that helps your doctor to counter any potential problem with timely intimation.

Pregnancy ultrasound

A pregnancy ultrasound or sonogram is the medical imaging of the baby development and the reproductive organs of the mother through the use of ultrasonic sound waves. The number of ultrasounds is decided and recommended by your local Liverpool doctor as per the need. The ultrasound is primarily used to monitor the fetal development and to detect any potential problems.

The types of ultrasounds that are frequently used are

  • Standard ultrasound
  • 3d ultrasound
  • 4d ultrasound
  • Transvaginal ultrasound
  • Fetal echocardiography -In this ultrasound focuses on the fetus’ heart.

Purpose of using ultrasound

Your doctor may recommend you to a Liverpool Ultrasound clinic at different intervals to keep track of pregnancy and fetal health.

First trimester of pregnancy(first 12 weeks) – Ultrasound is used for the following

To detect pregnancy and fetal heart beat

  • To estimate the due date on the basis of gestational age of your baby
  • To screen for any potential problem
  • To examine mother’s reproductive organs etc.

Second and Third trimester –

Ultrasound is used as tool to

  • Monitor fetal growth
  • Determine baby’s gender
  • Check for the symptoms of Downs Syndrome
  • Screen for any deformity and potential problems in both mother and baby
  • Determine proper oxygen supply
  • 3-D or 4-D imaging of your baby etc.

An ultrasound gives your doctor the information to monitor and treat your baby and you. This technique helps your doctor to guide and treat your pregnancy. Using ultrasound is perfectly safe for you and your baby and you can always visit to professional clinics such as Catch A Glimpse 4d that offer this service.